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Nightwraith | Friday, February 18, 2022

Our powerhouse programmer Spider has been very busy spinning a web of new features in his Exile lab! These features are so big, that we're giving them another week of testing to make sure they are rock solid. We apologize for the delay, but we're sure they'll be well worth the wait! There are few things more annoying than late night hotfixes and weekend reboots to interrupt your duels!


2v2 Partner Link

One of the most frequently requested features going all the way back to the beginning, EpicDuel will finally allow you to link with an ally on your buddy list (similar to initiating a 2v1 Boss fight) to fight as partners in 2v2 PvP battles! 


PvP Drops

Another requested feature is ready make PvP battles more rewarding than ever: PvP drops! Each PvP battle mode will feature a unique pool of prizes with different drop rates. These loot tables can be updated on an ongoing basis so we can keep the rewards fresh and PvP exciting in the months ahead.

Another nice feature that's been added as a bonus companion to PvP drops is the ability to receive more than one drop item at a time. Previously, this was limited to only 1 item at a time. Now, that limit has been removed!

This feature has many variables and will need an extra week of testing to make sure it's ready for prime time.


More Performance Options

Flash is not kind to the CPUs of it's users and ornate armors and weapons with many looping animations can turn the game into a slideshow for some. To help easy the pain, we're introducing a new option in settings to stop animations some equipment and hairstyle animations. 


War Resumes

Next Friday the Legion vs. Exile war finally resumes in The Wasteland! I'm pretty sure. It's been awhile!

Last Chance Seasonals!

For the last few months, nearly every seasonal rare has been available in game. Monday January, 31st they will be leaving the shops, and set to their regular schedules! This will happen after a brief afternoon update.


Farewell, Epic Supporter

Monday January, 31st, the Epic Supporter Package and achievements will be removed from the Varium shop! It's your last chance to take advantage of the best value of the year! This will happen after a brief afternoon update.


Ongoing Prize Progress

This year's top 15 Gifter prizes are still well underway. This year's batch will features some of the most complex designs yet but hopefully they won't take too much longer. We know you're all eager to see them in-game and admire them up close! Luckily, we have a solid team of artists and an awesome programmer to keep the content flowing as work on these custom requests continues!

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