The Summit of Insanity Awaits

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The Summit of Insanity Awaits

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

A recipe for insanity: One mysterious woman. Rumors of a missing warrior. WAY too many floating eyes and waving tentacles. This weekend, /join garden and talk to Fa, the puzzling, pretty, part-time gardener. She'll help you stay alive if you do her a few favors. But beware: nothing is what it seems to be here. The more appealing something is, the faster you should /slay it. Survive, and you'll be able to access Darkon's shop full of strange-but-color customizable items. 

/join garden to begin your adventure (bonus points if you can find the hidden access point in one of the early game zones). Bring your stoutest gauntlets (and a lot of gold, you'll need it for his merge shop full of rewards after you complete the release).


Who is Darkon? 

Darkon is a mysterious artifact collector who is willing to sell some of his collection... to make room for more "valuable" things. (In real life, HE is one of our most valuable artists, working primarily on AQ3D, but also on AQWorlds when we can steal him away for a week!)

Server Login Screen Refresh Button

Captain Rhubarb and Yorumi added in a small but nice bit of convenience for you. Now, instead of logging in and out to see if your favorite server is back online, you can just hit the Refresh button to see its updated status.

To All the Moms Out There, Thank You!

Every Hero's story starts with their mother.* This Sunday is Mother's Day, the day to celebrate whatever woman (bio-mom, step-mom, aunt, grandma, teacher or neighbor-lady) gives you the advice, reality checks, and hugs you need.

Find the seasonal Mother's Day items in the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu. They'll be available through May 29th.

* Unless you were born on an elemental plane or wandered in from some nameless void and were created from a wisp of aether...

Not able to get out to the store to get your mom a card? We've got your back.

Print out this card and follow the instructions on this page: hereWe hope your Mother likes the card! The artwork was created by Oishii and J6. It is really easy and does not require any cutting, glue, or a degree in nuclear engineering (although that might help.)

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