Thursday the 12th Golden Giftboxes and Limited-Time Shop

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Thursday the 12th Golden Giftboxes and Limited-Time Shop

Hollow | Thursday, May 12, 2022

May Golden Giftboxes:

The second unluckiest day of the year returns! Unwrap your own color-custom Mason Form Armor, Deatharrows Cat, Krieger Klaws, and the sinister Mason Masks. In Energy as well as the original variants!


Limited-Time Shop:

In the Thursday the 12th Limited-Time Shop find spells to conjure the deadly Mason to fight by your side! His iconic machete attuned to a cursed lake, striking with the stronger of Darkness or Water damage! Also grab (carefully) your own Broken Mirror Defender. Few things are as unlucky as breaking a mirror, so when a foe strikes this shield, some of that misfortune can lash out at them! Make sure you do not open the Unfortunate Umbrella indoors, unless it's raining indoors, then you may have bigger issues to worry about.

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