Thursday the 12th - Misfortune Beckons, Adventure Awaits!

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Thursday the 12th - Misfortune Beckons, Adventure Awaits!

Hollow | Thursday, October 12, 2023

October 2023 Golden Giftboxes - Thursday the 12th:

The second unluckiest day of the year returns, perfectly timed within the already spine-tingling month of October! Unwrap your own Edgy Mason Armor, which you can customize to your preferred bone palette through the Necromancer minion paint booth. Be sure to snatch a sinister Edgy Mask of Mason and send shivers down the spines of your adversaries. Plus discover the submerged renditions of Deatharrows Cat and the deadly Krieger Klaws, accompanied by all of their variants for your collecting pleasure!

And for the Nightbreed - get ready to unwrap new and returning variants of Savage Werewolf and Predatory Vampire Armors!

Seasonal Limited-Time Shop:

Explore the exclusive offerings of the Thursday the 12th Limited-Time Shop, where you can uncover potent incantations for summoning the formidable Mason as your steadfast ally. This special collection introduces a fresh Call Spell alongside a Pet variant, all enhanced to grant you the ability to personalize their appearance through the Necromancer minion paint booth. Mason's lethal machete is finely attuned to the malevolent energies of a cursed lake, enabling strikes imbued with the greater force of either Darkness or Water!

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