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Titan's Tyranny

Nightwraith | Friday, June 26, 2020

EpicDuel's latest release is now LIVE! Check out the new 3-part sage, Titan's Tyranny, with new weapons, cores, bosses, achievements and more!


Titan's Tyranny

New supernatural discharges of energy are erupting all over Fortune City. Visit Talia to start a new three-part mission chain that will test your skills of observation as well as battle as you scour Delta V to unravel this mystery to confront the source of this dangerous new anomaly. Only the toughest, most clever Epic Duelists can hope to reach the end of this chain and put an end to this new Nightmare before it covers Delta V in eternal darkness!


Tyrant Titan Gear

Titan's birthday rares are already available, but he'll soon be stocked with a new batch of weapons guaranteed to complement your collection.

  • Tyrant Titan Sword P
  • Tyrant Titan Sword E
  • Tyrant Titan Blades P
  • Tyrant Titan Blades E
  • Tyrant Titan Mace P
  • Tyrant Titan Mace E
  • Tyrant Titan Staff P
  • Tyrant Titan Staff E


New Achievements

A new boss and new missions mean three new achievements to chase the highest tiers of stars!



  • Infernal fury: 0 energy.
  • Intimidate (Blood Mage Only): 3 turns instead of 4.
    • Eliminate decrease Rage for both Mercenary and Blood Mage
  • Static Grenade: Improve with every 1.1 Support instead of 1.5
  • Smoke Screen: Improves with every 4.6 Technology instead of 4


Unluckiest TLaPD

After completing this latest Nightmare Titan challenge, expect new and returning Pirate-themed gear in addition to the rare Friday the 13th gear and achievement! If you haven't picked up the Kartherax or the Dark Omen Battlegear, you'll soon have an opportunity to add to your collection!


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