TLaPD 2019

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TLaPD 2019

Nightwraith | Friday, June 26, 2020

The radioactive seas of Delta V boil and churn with an eerie glow, but that doesn't stop shipments of new weapon from arriving to be sold by the crafty shark hunter Ishmael!


Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

Visit Ishmael, the irradiated shark hunter in the West Naval Yard to peruse his stock of over 50 new weapons!

  • Swords
    • Yokai Soul Katana P
    • Yokai Soul Katana E
    • 13th Pirate Cutlass P
    • 13th Pirate Cutlass E
    • 13th Pirate Sword P
    • 13th Pirate Sword E
    • 13th Pirate Rapier P
    • 13th Pirate Rapier E
    • Cursed Spirit Seeker P
    • Cursed Spirit Seeker E
    • Galactic Pirate Rapier P
    • Galactic Pirate Rapier E
    • Galactic Pirate Cutlass P
    • Galactic Pirate Cutlass E
    • Solar Pirate Cutlass P
    • Solar Pirate Cutlass E
    • Solar Pirate Rapier P
    • Solar Pirate Rapier E
    • Pirate King Sword P
    • Pirate King Sword E
    • Pirate King Slasher P
    • Pirate King Slasher E
    • Pyroclastic Cutlass
    • Abyssal Flame Cutlass
    • Underworld Pirate Cutlass P
    • Underworld Pirate Cutlass E
    • Underworld Pirate Sword P
    • Underworld Pirate Sword E
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutlass P
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutlass E
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutter P
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutter E
    • 13th Naval Commander Knife P
    • 13th Naval Commander Knife E
  • Wrist Blades
    • 13th Naval Blades P
    • 13th Naval Blades E
    • Underwold Pirate Daggers P
    • Underwold Pirate Daggers E
  • Clubs
    • 13th Naval Commander Axe P
    • 13th Naval Commander Axe E
    • Underwold Pirate Axe P
    • Underwold Pirate Axe E
  • Staffs
    • 13th Naval Commander Staff P
    • 13th Naval Commander Staff E
    • Underwold Pirate Staff P
    • Underwold Pirate Staff E
  • Guns
    • Pyroclastic Pistol
    • Abyssal Flame Pistol
    • Underworld Pirate Pistol P
    • Underworld Pirate Pistol E
  • Auxiliaries
    • 13th Naval Commander Rifle P
    • 13th Naval Commander Rifle E
    • Pyroclastic Cannon
    • Abyssal Flame Cannon

Balalance / Fixes

  • Spirit Meld: Defense / Resistance reduction changed from -15% to -10%
  • Curse of Kartherax: Fixed bug in which the active Primary cores on the target would still be active

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