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Shiver me Shutters!

Beleen | Friday, September 29, 2023

The winners of the Talk Like a Pirate Day Screenshot Contest have been announced. Set sail to these remarkable moments captured by ye fellow pirates, yarrr!  

Ahoy, me hearties! Gather 'round, for it be time to announce the nautical winners of our Talk Like a Pirate Day Screenshot Contest! We've plundered the seven seas for the best o’ the best, and the results be a treasure trove of photographic brilliance.

First Place: Captain Clickbeard



Anchors aweigh! ‘Tis be the stuff of legends! Fer this here masterpiece, Captain Lunaceria be takin' home the Emperor’s Chest and eternal glory o’ the high seas! 

2nd Place Mates: Swashbucklin’ Shutterbugs


Furen E Lustario


Loki Monster








Blow me down! These screenshots here be the fine work of savvy photographers, aye, that they be. Each pirate here be winning a Warlord’s Chest!


3rd Place Runner-Ups: Screenshot Scallywags












Adepta Sororitas



Avast ye! These portraits here be capturin’ the spirit of a true pirate parley. Our winners here be takin' home a Soldiers Chest each!

Arrr, these winners be raisin' the Jolly Roger high! Best we give ‘em all a round of applause, sailors! We'd like to thank all ye scurvy dogs who entered the contest ‘nd shared yer pirate pride. Ye made judgin' this contest the real treasure here!

‘Til next time…

Battle on, buccaneers!
Beleen, the crew of judges, and the AQ3D team

P.S. another Screenshot Saturday appears on the horizon! Check back tomorrow to see what the theme is and what prizes A LOT of people could win ;D 

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