Top Giftmaster Weapon Prizes

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Top Giftmaster Weapon Prizes

Hollow | Friday, January 19, 2024

Top Giftmaster Weapon Prizes:

Congratulations again to the top 5 winners of the 2023 Summer Season of Gifting Contest! They've secured Golden Dev Tickets for crafting their own custom weapon skins, and this week, their well-deserved prizes have been delivered! Four esteemed Giftmasters from the Summer Season of Gifting have generously chosen to share their prizes with the public. So make your way to the Z-Token Weapon Shop and grab your very own copies of these extraordinary weapons:

  • Gwen's Hubris
  • Twilight's Lazgorath the World Ender
  • CH4OT1C!'s Spurit Lance
  • Corvid’s Blade of Actuation


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