Twitch Stream Updates


Twitch Stream Updates

Alina | Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Twitch Streams on temporary hiatus

Several months ago, we started working with a talented streamer and voice actor to help us experiment with and build our presence on Twitch. The goal was to see how large we could grow the Twitch channel and our audience, and how much farther we could take our own in-house video production.

Whenever we try something new, there's a chance it will succeed beyond our expectations... but also, that we will encounter unexpected issues. That happened here, and because of them, we need to pause our streaming for a short time. 

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A couple times over the last few months, situations happened that Artix was not a fan of - where some pretty inappropriate images were created and things said about Vesper in the Twitch stream chat. We never want her, or any of our other team or community members - to feel uncomfortable with the content we create. We are sure many of you are thinking “oh, it wasn’t that bad” … and by the standards of the internet, maybe it was not. But it is not the way Artix wants things to be at Artix Entertainment.

Beyond that, though, as a company, we are responsible for the content we put out, and if that content becomes too risky or uncomfortable, we face the consequences that come with it. And those consequences can be a lot harsher than losing a few subscribers.

Sauce also did not condone any of these statements or actions. He tried to move past it and refocus the chat on what you guys care about - Artix games and entertaining content. But the situation got to the point where we needed to take more action, and to pause the streams for a time.

Since we are re-working the direction and content of the Twitch Channel, Sauce will be leaving the team. But we are parting on good terms, and may work together in the future if our paths and plans cross.

So what will happen to the Stream?

We will put the pause button on the live streams for a few days, but are already making plans for new and different content to take its place. Let's Plays, dev Q&A's, featured streamers, live draw art sessions... and, of course, the Moglin KickStarter Puppet Show you unlocked for the 85,000 Stretch Goal. If you subbed recently, never fear, we will have a schedule of new events coming in the near future. 

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