Verteroche: Song of the Worms

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Verteroche: Song of the Worms

Dove | Friday, July 8, 2022

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have a new side quest in Book 1 Verteroche Crossing!

Lauren the clothier needs your help to obtain some very special silk... Complete the quest to earn some new cosmetic rewards!

Also this week, Swan Song (Extreme) is now available from the Crossroads board at the Inn at the Edge of Time. Earn "The Fool's Opus" to unlock the Tactical customization for DeathKnight!

The Royal Astravian Catalyst, available from the Catalyst shop in Cysero's Superstore or the Book of Lore, also now works for DeathKnight!

There have also been some adjustments and bug fixes to the Swan Song challenge:

  • (Normal Mode Only) Suki's Sword Rain ability now removes 50% of your HP instead of reducing it to 1. If you're under 50% of your HP, it will be reduced to 1.
  • (Normal Mode Only) Darkon's "Enter the Realm of Arcana" now requires 4 stacks instead of 2 to reduce your cooldowns.
  • Darkon's "Enter the Realm of Arcana" no longer carries stacks over from phase 1.
  • Darkon's "The Last Symphony" no longer carries stacks over from phase 2.
  • Darkon's "The Fool's Descent" now properly caps at -95.
  • Darkon can no longer be defeated early by certain reflect + DoT combos.
  • Fixed a typo in Suki's "Amplified Reactions" description.
  • Also, the level 90 Blade of Destiny now has a 7% chance on hit to apply -30 Light to the foe for 3 turns. The on attack special chance has also been reduced to 7%.

This week's release was a bit lighter as we're currently recovering and taking things a bit lighter after a couple of intense and epic months! Next week, we should have the next main story release for you though!

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