Werepyre Training Continues

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Werepyre Training Continues

Hollow | Friday, October 19, 2018

Werepyre Subrace Training Continues:
Return to WolfWing's Keep and continue mastering the powers of the Werepyre! You will need to be at least Lvl 5 in both Vampire and Werewolf subraces, so make sure you are all trained up because you do not want to miss any of this amazing update. As you begin to tear away the shroud surrounding the ancient ritual grounds, learn the 2nd half of your subrace skills such as Hybrid Boost, Werepyre Fangs and MORE!

October Golden Giftboxes - Ethereal Predatory Vampire and Savage Werewolf Armors:

Transform into a powerful Vampire, capable of channeling a Blood Fury that boosts your outgoing damage at the cost of some HP! No need to worry about the Lycanthropy as you'll just have great resistances to both Fire and Wind attacks. Possible side effects may include extra powerful attacks, over the moon excitement... and fleas.

Limited-Time Shop - 16th Anniversary AQupcake:

Let's celebrate 16 amazing years of Battling On with the AQupcake Misc! This unique confection is extra sweet as it becomes even stronger if the user is older than 16 months. So don't miss out as this Misc will only be in the LTS for 1 month and then gone forever!

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