Yooka-Laylee x AdventureQuest Art Contest: Winners!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Way to go everyone!

Judged together by the creators of both Yooka-Laylee & AdventureQuest

Amaaaaaaazing! Thank you to everyone who joined in on this crazy video game mash up art contest. The goal was to create original art combining characters from Yooka-Laylee and the AdventureQuest series. The devs from both studios LOVED seeing your creative artwork! With all of the incredible entries it was super hard judging this contest.  Below are the official winners who are receiving the prizes. But know that everyone who drew art for this is a winner in the eyes of all of the devs.


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Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner for "Best Mashup"


Beautifully painted with so many clever mash up elements! Do you get all of the mash up references in this piece? From Yooka running in Artix's armor with the Blinding Light of Destiny, to Capital B in the form of the Great Fire Dragon, Akriloth... there is a lot of attention to detail earning this piece the Grand Prize Winner for "Best Mashup."

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Grand Prize Winner for "Best Big Group Shot"


Fun, light hearted, adventure-filled... Shy's group shot perfectly captures the feeling & tone of both the games. "I would play this 10/10"

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Grand Prize Winner for "Above and Beyond Mashup"


When we saw that someone painted a Skateboard for this contest... we immediately made the decision to add an additional Grand Prize category for best "Above and Beyond Mashup."  We want to see some pics of this board in action!

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Grand Prize Winner for "Best Single Character Mashup"


Genius! Turning the villain Capital B from Yooka Laylee into an AdventureQuest Worlds character (complete with name tag) wearing the infamously rare Alpha Pirate armor and other coveted gear... absolutely genius.

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Grand Prize Winner for "Best Single Yooka-Laylee" Character


Bee-utiful art work of Laylee sipping a tonic. Sobra's entry was chosen as the best single character from Yooka-Laylee.

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Grand Prize Winner for "Best Single AdventureQuest Character"

Frances Jones

This one was a surprise! Ghambet, the Queen of Games was a band new character just recently added to AdventureQuest 3D. You can find her in the chess map. Frances Jones definitely made a bold move picking a less known character and then going out all on the art for it. We felt that boldness put him over the top earning the best single AdventureQuest character.

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Now that was SUPPOSED to be the end of the contest.


The judging was pretty intense. We felt there were other entries which deserved a prize. So we created an additional prize category called...

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The Winners Circle

Entries in the winners circle will receive certificates signed by devs from both studios and a $20 Artix Points Certificate.


"Twilly Learns about Tonics Award"


This piece shows Yooka and Laylee talking to the Moglin Twilly as a gumpy Zorbak fumes int he background. Great artwork!

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"DragonSlayer Yooka Award"


Loved this piece featuring Yooka as the DragonSlayer, Galanoth, and Laylee as a Dragon in Ashfall.

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"Adventure Selfie Award"


There is so much character and happiness in this piece. It is an absolute treasure.

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"Best Puns 2021 Award"


It is clear that GD_DaggerMouth has a future in video game writing.

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"The Power of Friendship Award"


Love this comic style. Is this was a manga, would read 10/10.

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"Best Art Nouveau"


This beautifully composed Alphonse Mucha-like art nouveau piece features Aria the pet shop owner, Yooka, Laylee, and Twilly. Stylish and adorable!

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"Best Twillylaylee"


This mashup brilliantly features Capital B in the DoomKnight Sepulchure's armor and an assortment of cleverly combined characters. Kudos!

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This post was great... but then....

They created a HeroMart ad for it! XD

"Best Poster with built-in HeroMart.com Advertisement"


The poster is awesome! But we nearly fell out of our chairs when we saw it came with its own HeroMart.com ad.  The "exclusive in-game pet of Yookartix riding an armored Daimyo" takes the cake. This oozes cleverness. In case you are confused. Artix runs a merch shop called HeroMart which carries apparrel, posters, and toys-- all which include codes to unlock items in the games.

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"Moglomancy Award"


Something clearly went wrong (or super right) when this Moglomancer attempted a summon moglins... Yooka & Laylee showed up instead! great job on this smile-inducing art.

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"Bats in your Belfry Award"


What an unexpectedly clever mashup! These two do have a lot in common. Laylee is a purple fruit bat, and Vampire Queen Safiria is a technically a vampire bat.

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 "Tonic On! Award"


Battle-ready Yooka, Laylee, and Artix are ready for action. The artwork and composition of this are fantastic.


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"Best Animation"


Now this is what we call "Above and Beyond!" What if Yooka & Laylee were the stars of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga?


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Congratulations again!

Once again, congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined in this unepxcted and fun mash-up art contest. Everyone who participated should be proud. If you enjoy this sort of thing, let us know!

We are in the process of reaching out to winners to award prizes. If you have any questions, please send a tweet to @AE_Contests




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