2023 Frostval Season of Gifting

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2023 Frostval Season of Gifting

Hollow | Thursday, November 30, 2023

2023 Frostval Season of Gifting Contests:

Kibbles and his cousin Tibbles have returned to spread holiday cheer with new Season of Gifting contests! This merry elf duo collects gifts and randomly gives them to your fellow players - meaning you could receive gifts up to 5000 Z-Tokens or 100 million Gold just for playing! Embracing the generosity of the season, Kibbles is gathering gold to distribute community prizes to all! As Kibbles accumulates increasing amounts of gold, reaching every milestone will unlock incredible rewards for the entire AdventureQuest community, promoting a spirit of unity and shared accomplishment! The Heroic Titan community prizes will release at the same time as the Spirit of Autumn gear, after the contests end.

  • This year Kibbles is crafting powerful Heroic Titan items for our amazing community, with a special Giftmaster variant for the top 100 generous players!
  • Not to be outdone, Tibbles is introducing Spirit of Autumn gear exclusively for the top Z-Token giftmasters.
  • That means for crazy generous players there are 14 possible prizes to win!
  • 10 Frostval Crown Misc items are being given away DAILY for everyone that gifts either gold or Z-Tokens (5 daily for gold, 5 daily for Z-Token). You can double your chances of winning if you gift both gold and Z-Tokens in a single day!

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You will find Tibbles and Kibbles randomly throughout the game or visit them directly through Today's Event page. This contest will end 11:59 PM January 31st, so don't miss out on these exclusive prizes before Tibbles and Kibbles return home!


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