AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event Continues

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AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event Continues

Hollow | Friday, October 14, 2022

AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event Continues:

It's time to celebrate 20 years of adventures, quests, bad puns… TERRIBLE puns, along with the wonderful audience that made it all come together! An event this special cannot possibly fit into 1 week so we have a huge 3 week event planned! Wild storms are warping the magic of Lore around you! Prepare for new threats and explosive surprises, then come back home for a celebration of your heroism! A long-deserved hero's rest and the final pieces of the Eternal Champion set await your return!


Limited-Time Shop - Week 2:

Stop by the special 20th Anniversary Limited-Time Shop each week of the event as we fill it with more and more rare event gear!

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