AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event Final Week

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AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event Final Week

Hollow | Thursday, October 20, 2022

Limited-Time Shop - Week 3:

Stop by the special 20th Anniversary Limited-Time Shop for one final round of rare event gear! Including a special 20th Anniversary Edition of the Guardian Blade! Featuring Melee, Ranged, and Magic forms as well as following the neighboring element of your selected Guardian element! What celebration would be complete without some cake?! For our 20th Anniversary, we are bringing you some lemon-aid in the form of a 20th-edition lemon cupcake! Its shockingly tangy taste helps boost your Energy resistance, and also makes it easier to paralyze your foes or overwhelm them with Energy. Also, new Eternal Champion Helms have arrived in The Storm of the Century: Flow and Stasis shop. With the next Lunar and Solar Eclipses being so close together, BOTH shields are now available in the general Limited-Time Shop!

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