AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event

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AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event

Hollow | Thursday, October 6, 2022

AQ’s 20th Anniversary Mega Event:

It's time to celebrate 20 years of adventures, quests, bad puns… TERRIBLE puns, along with the wonderful audience that made it all come together! An event this special cannot possibly fit into 1 week so we have a huge 3 week event planned! Join us on the rush to investigate an explosion of wild magic spreading through Lore's ley lines in the first part of our 20th Anniversary Mega Event! An event this huge also needs huge Gold and XP boosts, so gain a bonus +50% Gold and XP from battles until November 1st.


Limited-Time Shop - Week 1:

Stop by the special 20th Anniversary Limited-Time Shop each week of the event as we fill it with more and more rare event gear!

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Emerald Rose 20K Z-Token Package:

Every 20 years an emerald rose will bloom and bring with it great earthen power. This package includes 2 spells to summon and call your own Emerald Rose Guests, the Emerald Rose Pet, and Emerald Rod 3-in-1 earth weapon. This special limited-time package is only available until November 7th 2022, so grab yours before it withers away for another 20 years!

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Platinum Guardian Dragon Jr Pet:

We kick off our massive 20th Anniversary celebration by giving away a special Platinum Edition of the Guardian Dragon Jr. Pet! Redeem this exclusive, timed code in-game directly through Ballyhoo!


This code can be redeemed once per character, expiring at 11:59PM EST on October 31st. Come celebrate 20 amazing years of BattlingOn and pick up your pet dragon today!

new rpg game release adventure quest

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