AQ’s 21st Anniversary

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AQ’s 21st Anniversary

Hollow | Thursday, October 5, 2023

Rare Monster Hunt - Valentis, the Storm Squire:

A rift to the Energy Realm is rumored to have suddenly torn open above Battleon! As briefly as it appeared, it has unleashed a flock of startled birds, each adorned in gleaming armor. These poor creatures find themselves in a panicked frenzy, and it's up to you to track them down and calm their chaotic flight. Your reward? Access to their special shop, offering gear forged in the mysterious and powerful Energy Realm! Don't miss your chance to pursue the elusive Nickelclad Storm Owls as these feathered storm bringers will only be found soaring through the realms of Lore until October 31st!

21st Anniversary Limited-Time Shop:

Make sure to pay a visit to the shop, where you'll discover an array of special Opal gear, alongside a delectable fiery cinnamon anniversary cupcake and more!

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