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Dark Boosts Now Available

Alina | Thursday, February 24, 2022

Prepare for the Month of Evil... O_O

Happening now: get DOUBLE Legion Token reward boost on select quests + double drop rate on Binky's Dark Unicorn Rib in /binky through Sunday, March 6th! Log in each day for a new reward, boost, or other bonus at

Legion Token Quest Boosts

  • Spring Cleaning: x50 to x100
  • First Class Entertainment: x120 to x240
  • Legion Quest: Light vs Dark: x50 to x100
  • Coal for the Legion: x50 to x100
  • Hearts and Souls: x150 to x225
  • Hearts and Souls (member): x200 to x250
  • Legion Castle Quest: x20 to x50
  • Research Materials: x20 to x50
  • Suffering is Magic: x50 to x100

* x250 is the maximum quantity we can increase drop amounts to. For quests where the reward amounts are already very high, we have increased them as much as possible, even though we cannot 2X them.

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