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Fool's 100% Gold Shop

Alina | Friday, April 2, 2021

April Fools? Nah it's APRIL, COOL!*

Happy Day-After-April-Fool's! Log in this weekend to find more reward derps (err... DROPS) from the Sketchy Frogzard and Derpicorn in BattleFools, and talk to the Court Jester for the Fool's Gold Shop!

This gear is 100% literally solid gold, and comes with color-customizable details. It'll set you back over 20 million gold to create the entire set. 

  • Hero of Gold armor: 10 million gold
  • Helm of Gold: 1 million gold
  • Golden Hero's Cape: 1 million gold
  • Sword of Gold: 5 million gold
  • Blade of Gold Coins: 3 million gold

The Court Jester is kind, so you can merge the items into 0 AC gear for free storage using the Gold Voucher (also in the shop).

* h/t to AQW hero Mick for the tag-line. It made me laugh out loud in real life. 

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