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Multi-Dimensional Drakath Battle

Alina | Friday, December 31, 2021

Multi-Dimensional Drakath Battle

In just a few days, we'll celebrate a new year. October 2022 is Artix Entertainment's 20th anniversary. All year long, we'll feature content inspired by some of our game universe's most memorable events and items. Tonight: battle Drakaths from AQ, DF, AQWorlds... and Drakath the Eternal!

If you're impatient for 2020 to get here (like I am) take out your rage on the 2021 Ball monster as you wait for it to drop and ring in 2022. And while you wait... It's TIME to REAP the rewards of the first part of our New Year's release! /join eternalchaos and battle the monsters there to collect Reality Shards to create rewards. 

Also, introducing our new item equip type: Ground Runes! 

The purple TimeReaper Ground Rune is a permanently available, super-low drop rate 0 AC reward from Eternal Drakath. The ChronoReaper Ground Rune is a New Year's 2022 event rare AC item, available in today's Featured Gear Shop update.


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