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Frostval in July Returns

Alina | Friday, July 16, 2021

It's always a good time to /party

Frostval in July returns as countries around Lore /party this summer! This year, we're bringing you an all-new festival in the Northlands, plus the celebrations (and reward gear!) in the Etherstorm Waste and Akiba return.

  • Celebrate life, love, friends, and family with Empress Miko in /Akiba. 
  • Save the day (and the presents!) in /icestorm during the Dragon King's Festival in the Etherstorm Wastes
  • Head to the Northlands to celebrate a fireworks festival based on this real-life Canadian event in /brightlights

Help Adak gather the resources necessary to light up the night. After enjoying the fireworks finale, talk to Adak and Tinsel; complete their quests for all-new reward gear!

  • Enchanted Mountaineer set (color-customizable)
  • Festive Party Outfit set (color-customizable)
  • FlameHeart Warrior set

* While you and your fellow heroes are battling through the festivities around Lore, our team of game developers are hard at work building the next chapters in Malgor's Fire Realm Invasion saga. Look for part 3 to arrive next week!

Celebrate Frostval in July... in Yokai!

Empress Miko has called for a mid-Summer festival in Akiba to celebrate life, love, friends, and family in the midst of war. 

Complete her quests to unlock our Frostval seasonal gear...

  • Chibi moglin helms
  • the Frost BladeMaster set

Attend the Dragon King's Festival in Etherstorm

Once again, the dragon clans of the Etherstorm Wastes have invited humans and moglins to celebrate the Festival of the Dragon King. But not all humans are eager to share in the event... the Dragon Hunters have been spotted nearby. Help keep the peace (and the baby dragons safe) this weekend!

After you complete this weekend's event, battle the boss for a chance to get the items in our Frosted Assassin weapon series:

  • Frosted Shuriken
  • Frosted Katana
  • Frosted Kunai
  • Frosted Ninjato
  • Frosted Katana + Ninjato

Battle the monsters in this weekend's map to get Burnt Bows and Dragon Scales. Save these up to create the pieces of the Winter Assassin armor set!

HeroMart Calendar Class Update

Last week, the in-game version of HeroMart returned, along with new variants of our 2011 - 2018 calendar classes. I had hoped we could release 2019 - 2021 this week.

Because of a few unexpected timing issues and high-priority backend fixes and changes (like Facebook Login breaking, the HeroPoints query, and setting up one of the future challenge boss fights, and more), the team wasn't able to work on adding in those classes.

Currently, they are on the schedule to arrive in early August. We will keep you posted if that changes!

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