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AQW: June Events

Alina | Friday, January 29, 2021

The Queen of Monsters' new saga, the Book of Monsters, heats up our June release schedule as we delve deep into the tale of Kolyaban the Reshaper! Her goal: to break our world down and rebuild it - better, stronger, darker, deadlier!

  • Friday, June 2nd: Book of Monsters: Element of Change + June upgrade bonus
  • Friday, June 9th:  Book of Monsters: Kill or Cure? + Molten Mayhem Limited Time Set
  • Friday, June 16th: Book of Monsters: Blood and Monsters + Summer Surfboard shop
  • Friday, June 23rd: Quibble's TimeVoid Hunt + Elemental Rares shop
  • Friday, June 30th: our 3 week Summer event begins - The Lost Princess!, Part 1

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