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Featured Set: Astravian Mercenary

Alina | Friday, March 26, 2021

Available from your Featured Gear Shop until April 30th!

In Astravia, even hoping for peace is considered a delusion. That is why they need YOU! Both Astravian Mercenary armors set will be available for AdventureCoins, plus additional accessories available for ACs, member gold, and free player gold until April 30th. Then they'll leave game forever.

The Astravian Mercenary set contains:

  • Astravian Mercenary's Garb armor
  • Astravian Mercenary's Jacket armor
  • Hat, Locks, Shade, and Shaded Locks helms
  • Scabbard and Back Scythe capes
  • Rapier and Axe weapons

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