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Ancient Nightmares Collection

Alina | Friday, May 14, 2021

Both armor sets available until May 31st

Deep in the shadows, the Queen's creatures stalk the realm. Waiting for the unwary to come closer... closer... before they strike. Unlock all 21 pieces of the color-customizable Ancient and Shadowed Nightmare sets when you get the Chest of Nightmares collection for for 5,000 AdventureCoins

Save 2,500 ACs when you get the chest pet and unlock all of the gear, or get individual items from the Rares Shop in Battleon.

The Chest of Nightmares set contains:

  • Shadowed Nightmare armor
  • 3 Shadowed Nightmare helms
  • Shadowed Nightmare armblades, reavers, sickles, spear
  • Ancient Nightmare armor
  • 4 Ancient Nightmare helms
  • Ancient Nightmares Tentacle cape (animated)
  • Ancient Nightmares Guardian cape
  • Ancient Nightmares armblades, reavers, sickles, spear
  • Ancient Nightmares Guardian pet
  • Ancient Nightmares Guardian battlepet (member only)

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