Ballad of the Chosen + Special Holiday Crossover Golden Giftboxes

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Ballad of the Chosen + Special Holiday Crossover Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Thursday, December 12, 2019

Frostval - Ballad of the Chosen:
Frost Giants approach from the distant North, and Frostvale stands right in the path of their invasion! Given an early warning by Frostgale, Adventurers and Guardians rally to the Moglin village to prepare its defense in advance... With the help of a wise but peculiar new ally.

Guardian Giftboxes:

Make sure you also head over to the Guardian Tower and pick up your giftboxes as we wait to see what's inside at the end of the Frostval Gift Delivery!

December Golden Giftboxes:
The 2nd unluckiest day of the year returns... and during Frostval! So unwrap the crazy holiday crossover variants, like the Undead Bard of War, Festive Deatharrows Cat and more! Don't miss out as these special variants will only be available until January.

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