Black Friday and Cy-burn Monday Limited-Time Sets

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Black Friday and Cy-burn Monday Limited-Time Sets

Hollow | Wednesday, November 23, 2022

50k Infernal Champion Darkness and Fire Sets:

The plane of Heck is a chaotic land where only the strongest thrive, ruled by the right of absolute conquest. It is the ever-warring clash of eight domains, each a twisted mirror of the Elemental Realms. This is the only history the Eight Tyrannies share with mortals... Because their conquest was NOT final. Reveal the forbidden knowledge of Heck's rebels with the armaments of an Infernal Champion! Command your allies and drain your foes' life as a defensive firebrand, or take a darker approach by combining efficiency and devastation as a mystical warrior! Let the Tyrannies fear the forgotten name of the First Demon! Each package includes:

  • 1 Armor
  • 1 Shield
  • Melee, Magic, and Ranged Weaponry
  • 4 Player Faces
  • 1 Title

Grab these powerful sets while you can as they will only be available until January 5th!


Z-Token Holiday Madness:

The weather may be getting colder... but AdventureQuest is heating up with blazing hot Z-Token bonuses and discounts!

Get more Z-Tokens with each Z-Token package, and the larger the Z-Token package you buy, the more bonus Z-Tokens you'll have to spend this Frostval season! Get up to 35% more Z-Tokens and also unlock tons of bonus items with select packages until February 2nd.

AQ's massive Z-Token Sale has also began, with all Z-Token gear and Golden Giftboxes 50% off! These amazing discounts will only be available until December 1st, so grab them while you can!

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