Champion of the Light Realm Set Update + Returning Crossgame Golden Giftbox Prizes

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Champion of the Light Realm Set Update + Returning Crossgame Golden Giftbox Prizes

Hollow | Thursday, April 25, 2024

50K Z-Token Package - Champion of the Light Realm Set:

Prepare for an illuminating upgrade to one of AQ's classic package bonus sets, Champion of the Light Realm! Featuring (but not limited to) four dazzling new helms and Melee/Ranged/Magic forms of the warhammer, this update is your chance to harness the radiant power of the light like never before!

Golden Giftbox Crossgame Extravaganza - Returning Prizes:

As we gear up for the main Crossgame Golden Giftbox release scheduled for August, take a look at more than 20 returning prizes from numerous beloved AE games. Among them are:

Rare Shop:

  • Prometheus Helms
  • Human Fisher Armor
  • Infinita Staff
  • Void Awakening Faces
  • Void Awakening Wall Shield
  • Summon & Call Pridelord Guest
  • Pridelord Pet
  • Zurvana's Pity
  • Zurvana's Wrath
  • Zurvana's Blessing
  • ShadowFlame Glaive
  • Illustrious Saviour of Battleon Armaments
  • Illustrious Savior of Battleon Faces
  • Illustrious Battleon Saviour Defender
  • Snake Master Strike MP & SP Spells
  • Summon & Call Cosoma Guests
  • Cosoma Pet
  • Summon & Call Finnona Guests
  • Finnona Pet

Ultra Rare Shop:

  • Seraphim of Ver Armor
  • Prometheus Armor
  • Timekiller's 3:10 MP & SP Spells
  • Maw of Chaos
  • Legion Spawn Bonker
  • Call Blood Hawk P Spell
  • Randor Pet
  • Graves End Blade
  • Graves End Axe
  • Graves End Dagger
  • Void Awakening Armor
  • Summon & Call Void Awakening Skull Guests and Pets
  • Illustrious Battleon Saviour Garments
  • Twisted Dragonfire Sword
  • Titan's Mug Misc
  • Infinite Dark Caster Armor
  • Summon & Call Exalted Defense Drone Guests
  • Exalted Defense Drone Pet


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