Devourer Saga - Prologue 11 & 12

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Devourer Saga - Prologue 11 & 12

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

Devourer Saga - Prologue 11 & 12:
After finding Sage Uldor and Aquella safe in Krovesport, you realize that the Shadow Master could be watching your every move! You go to the Skraeling Desert to seek out an Orb of Light for protection.

Then journey to Mount Eigerbuld and await Sage Uldor, so that he can continue the search for the elusive Shadow Master....


Mogloween Begins:
The town of BattleOn has been decorated as the Mogloween season has begun!

We have a fun Mogloween tradition of the houses you visit during the event being named after our players and staff.
If you would like to have your name included in this year's Mogloween festivities please post your character's name here!

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