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DragonFable Birthday! Class Update

Artix Krieger | Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dragon Mage

  • Duration of Acid, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Energy have been extended by 1.
  • Fixed Ice crashing the game when used on the first turn of combat.
  • Fixed Fire's boost not counting toward Tempest.
  • Dragon's Tempest now gives +25 Crit per stack, up from +20.
  • Ice now reduces enemy boost by 30, up from 20.
  • Power now increases Boost by 25, up from 20. (Tooltip still says 20, to be fixed.)
  • Acid now reduces enemy All resist by 50, up from 25.

Dragon Mage felt a bit left out from the changes- Partly because Ascendant is so powerful, a slightly weaker middle tier is fine, balance wise. However, it struggled to have its own identity as a crit machine due to the relatively low durations compared to effect from Tempest.

These changes are intended to emphasize the Tempest aspect of Dragon Mage- and power it up a bit more than where it was compared to Dragon Rogue and Dragon Warrior.

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