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New Wheel of Doom Set

Alina | Friday, June 26, 2020

The Wheel of Doom spins round and round... and this week, as we prepare to remove our Talk Like a Pirate Day event (leaving next Friday), the team wanted to add one last pirate sett in the Wheel of Doom merge shop: the color-customizable Dread Captain and Crew Member!

Find all of the color customizable gear in the Wheel of Doom merge shop! 

  • Dread Captain + Dread Crew Member armors
  • Four Dread Tricorn helms
  • Two Dread Captain Capes
  • Three Dread Captain weapons

This set is based on the Crimson Captain armor set in Quibble's Shop and the Cursed Collection Chest. As a special bonus to heroes who bought the collection chest, you'll find all of the 0 AC Dread Captain items added to your shop automatically!

The Dread Captain set will only be available until Monday, October 7th. It will return next year and will be available for the entire month of September going forward.

Get your Free Spins

Everyone loves to get prizes... and that's why we brought back back free spins for the Wheel of Doom!

  • Members get one free spin a day while their upgrade is active
  • All players get one free spin a week. 

See the Free Spins Design Notes for more details.

Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness

You’ve asked for it, and now everything is ready to do it!  The IoDA tokens are being taken to the next level!  As of Friday, September 13th, the Platinum tokens have been retired and replaced with the Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness.  If you still have any unused tokens, you can still redeem those by following the instructions on this page: https://www.aq.com/lore/guides/prizeredemption

This has been a much requested feature since the Wheel of Doom made its return.  With the Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness tokens, we were able to do a “test” run to see if increasing the awards was feasible.  IT IS!  

Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness Details

  • The WIoDA will be a Wheel of Doom merge shop exclusive. 
  • Cost: 1,000 Treasure Potions. 
  • The WIoDA token will no longer be left in your inventory.  
  • With each prize awarded, it will be removed so you can obtain a new one.  And another new one. And another new one.
  • The stack limit shows as x1.  
  • At this time, the same rules as PIoDA will remain in place for what types of prizes you can ask for.  

While we do have even more plans for the Wheel of Doom and the IoDA tokens, those are a subject for another day.  (hint*hint*teaser)

* But since they are removed now with the placements of your prizes, you can get as many of them as you have Treasure Potions for.  You just have to redeem them one by one.

** Exceptions include staff personal items, custom weapon contest prizes, HeroMart items, etc

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