Dungeons & DoomKnights released on the Nintendo Switch!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, December 21, 2023

Our 1st Nintendo Switch Game!

Wooohooo!  Dungeons & DoomKnights, our 8-Bit retro game, has just released on the Nintendo Store.

Knight holds Dungeons and DoomKnights for the Ninitendo  Switch

An 8-Bit Zeldavania

It is a huge milestone to release our first console game.

Battle the evil forces of the undead and gain strange powers that just do not seem quite right for a Paladin. The pixelated game world features the bizarre cast of characters & places from AdventureQuest & DragonFable. There is even an 8-bit town of Battleon... which allows you to purchase a home. (Something I do not remember any other NES game letting you do.)

Dungeons and DoomKnight Screenshots


Game Features

Here is a like to Dungeons & DoomKnight's Trailer on Youtube

  • Modern & retro humor mixed into a deliciously crazy casserole
  • Save Books everywhere (This is cooler if you know how unusual saves were in these old games)
  • Platformer (Jump) + Adventure (8 directional movement) game modes
  • Konami Code (Cheats!)
  • At least one weird secret you can only learn by exploring the manual
  • Gain powers and skills that let you chair board around the ocean, turn into bats, see in the dark, throw your axe, get a dog, reflect spells back at the caster... and stuff.
  • Buy a house
  • A massive world that you play in tiny, fun, bite-sized chunks
  • Weird Boss Monsters.... like, we made an 8-Bit Chicken Cow
  • Multiple Endings

More Dungeons and DoomKnights screenshots this time with Drakath


A Childhood Dream...

As you may already know, Dungeons & DoomKnights was my passion project. It was a new game taking place in the world of AdventureQuest, but built to run on the original 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System... which is the console I spent my childhood playing. The finished game was a hit earning it the #1 Action-Adventure Game on the Retro Top 250 NES Homebrews list, a score of 100% in CoolSh#t magazine, 9.5/10 in Retroformat magazine, and some really nice reviews from popular retro gamers on YouTube.

John Riggs Dungeons and DoomKnights

How to get it for the Nintendo Switch

Dungeons & DoomKnights is available as a digital release in the Nintendo Store

The game is faithful 1:1 port of version the original game designed to run on the NES. Because the Switch has a wider screen than the TVs of the old days... we added some side bars. We also built a special title screen which gives you access to the manual and other extras. Included in the game are the "variant" versions of the game... which we called "CHAOS MODS". In the one called "Dungeons & Daimyo", you play the entire game as Daimyo, the undead slaying pomeranian. There is also "Pac-adin" which is what Pac Man would be like if you were an armored Paladin with an Axe. We also snuck my latest NES gamejam project "The Secret of Necronancy" on there. It is a cute puzzle-platformer where you learn spells to raise undead minions and terrorize a Paladin's Castle. There is also the actual Dungeons & DoomKnights game on there....

Now available on 3 platforms!

You can get Dungeons & DoomKnights on...

A note about the EU Release

The current release may only be on the North American store. If that is the case, then it will be a few weeks before it rolls out to the other ones.

A note about codes

We do not have a way of giving codes through the Nintendo Switch. So the Switch version does not come with codes. If you want a code for in-game items, you should get one of the other versions from HeroMart.

Thank you

Again, thank you for making this dream a reality. Absolutely crazy that we have a game on the Nintendo Switch now! If you get a copy, take a picture of yourself with it and post it to social media and tag me! The crew and I would love to see it. (or use the #dungeonsanddoomknights tag)

Battle on!



Get Dungeons & DoomKnights on the Nintendo Switch Store

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