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Sepulchure's Rise III

Alina | Friday, June 22, 2018

This weekend, we continue the Sepulchure's Rise origin story with part III - the attack on Ebonslate Fortress! Battle as Sir Valen - the knight who would become Sepulchure - and choose between your love for the Healer Lynaria and your loyalty to your best friend, Sir Alteon. Log in this weekend and /join Valenschoice to begin Part III of the Sepulchure's Rise Saga!

Will you fight to save Lynaria? Or battle to save the town of Highwick? Your choice will determine how far down the path to Darkness you descend. But no matter which direction you choose... Dethrix, the Monster King, will be waiting.

This weekend: battle the Ebonslate Bruiser miniboss in /ebonslate for a chance to get the pieces of the ShadowStealer armor set, or get the rare ShadowReaper Guard cape (shown above) instantly from your Featured Gear Shop for AdventureCoins.

The story so far... 

Last week, you fought as Sir Valen alongside Sir Alden Alteon and the Healer Lynaria on a quest to find and defeat the true Champion of Darkness. 

This week... Choose between love and loyalty, and prepare to confont Dethrix, the Monster King.

Next week... Continue your descent into Darkness as you battle deeper into the dungeons of Ebonslate Fortress.

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