Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

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Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021

Easter came and went but there are still some egg-ceptional weapons to collect in EpicDuel! Visit any ArcadeBot to put some tokens into the newest game, Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

New Arcade Game!

Visit any ArcadeBot to cycle through the game to find the latest, Eggcelent Eggtravaganza! This is a great opportunity to spend those Arcade Tokens accumulated from gifting to climb the leaderboard and be the first to claim a gold prize!

  • Weapons:
    • Egg Splitter Arsenal P
    • Egg Splitter Arsenal E
    • Egg Splitter Sword P
    • Egg Splitter Sword E
    • Xeno Bunny Sword P
    • Xeno Bunny Sword E
    • Xeno Bunny Blades P
    • Xeno Bunny Blades E
    • Xeno Bunny Axe P
    • Xeno Bunny Axe E
    • Xeno Bunny Staff P
    • Xeno Bunny Staff E
    • Xeno Bunny Blaster P
    • Xeno Bunny Blaster E
    • Xeno Bunny Bazooka P
    • Xeno Bunny Bazooka E
  • Home Item:
    • Brachylagus Statue



Boost your rating points by playing the new arcade game and unlocking the latest arcade achievement!

  • Eggcelent Eggtravaganza


Balance Changes:

  • Sidearm scaling is set at the same rate as Primary weapons
  • Captain's Charge: Duration reduced to 2 turns from 3

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