Frostval 2023 Gift Delivery Finale

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Frostval 2023 Gift Delivery Finale

Hollow | Thursday, December 21, 2023

Frostval 2023 Gift Delivery - Unboxing:

The gift delivery mission begins, but there's a twist - Frostvale is under mimic invasion! These mischievous mimics mean business, packing a punch and multiplying at warp speed! Can our fearless heroes thwart their plans, rescue the presents, and ensure a magical Frostval for all?

Make sure you head over to the Guardian Tower and pick up your giftboxes as we wait to see what's inside at the end of the Frostval Gift Delivery! This year's theme for where the guardian's gift lies, prepare to unwrap a frosty surprise!



Staff Birthday and Winter Season Limited-Time Shops Return:

To celebrate DragonUltraMaster's special day, we're thrilled to announce the release of a special birthday pet just for you! Embrace the season with our Winter Limited-Time Shop's return, featuring a delightful mix of old favorites and exciting additions, such as the new Nilak's Frostflake Shield!



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