GEARS Games Update

Alina | Saturday, June 30, 2018

The GEARS Games are now permanently available from your C-Mail screen!

Equip your favorite House Mecha (or change your house) and go head-to-head in GIANT MECHA COMBAT!

Rolith also got holiday zone automation working

That means that each year, the Mogloween, Turdraken, Frostval and other holiday zones will be appear inside your C-mail screen. Many thanks to Plank and our testers for help testing the Mechquest update, and to all of you super-fans for sharing your ideas and feedback
I'll keep an eye on your updated wishlist to see what else is possible, given our time.

In the future...

we are considering adding reskins of currently-rare mecha for gold, SC, and NG. (Different art, same skills/stats, etc)
If we were going to do that, what mecha/equips would you like to see?

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