Happy Frostval!

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 5, 2021

Happy Frostval!

May your days be warm, safe, and full of adventure.... unless you hate that sort of thing, in which case, from the deepest depths of all of our black hearts, "Bah humbug!" XD Either way, we are truly glad to be here with you. Thank you for being an important part of our online video game family.

My son made a book of his monsters. He wanted you to have a copy for the holidays.

Get the Monster Book here (PDF)

Hop in AdventureQuest Worlds to claim your Frostval Gift of 500 free AdventureCoins. Play it in the Artix Games Launcher.

Meanwhile, AdventureQuest 3D's new wintery themed release is.... Erm... The Werewolf Coliseum story in Darkovia!? O_o

There is still time to enter this year's Holiday Cookie contest,  which will be judged by the creators of Cookie Clicker.

They say that "Hindsight is 20/20."

Looking forward to celebrating when 2020 is hindsight XD ...and we are doing it with a special badge that pretty much says, "Yeah, you can handle anything the universe throws at you."

Happy Holidays and...

Battle on!
Artix & all of your friends at Artix Entertainment

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