Harvest Fest 2021

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Harvest Fest 2021

Hollow | Thursday, November 18, 2021

Harvest Fest - The Ratty Crown:

Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight!

This year the King of BURPs has returned, rejecting Famine's rodent alliance to...trade with Battleon? Unfortunately for him, Battleon has recently dealt with far more skilled deceivers, and can see through his schemes. Unfortunately for the farms, they will become a battleground!

Limited-Time Shop:

Pick up this legendary famed axe of Artix, now further enhanced by the powers of stinging vines! Make sure you grab yourself a plate and ready your Gravy Cannon! This viscous spell fires 6 big hits of Water and Wind damage plus a chance to slow down your enemy. Also find a flock of turkey pets, including an undead leftover version!

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