Mastercraft Set I + Limited-Time Shop Update

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Mastercraft Set I + Limited-Time Shop Update

Hollow | Friday, June 26, 2020

Northern Expedition - Quest for the Frostgale Set:
For many years, passages to the far Northlands have been cut off by mysterious walls of magical ice. Blocking entire valleys, these walls have been a mixed blessing; reducing the raiding routes of Frost Titans, but also severing access to what remains of the attempts to settle in the North.

As one of the walls begins to crumble, your new adventure awaits! Uncover the mystery of the Lost Guardian Tower, face dangerous new foes, and begin your quest for the power of the Frostgale Set!

Limited-Time Shop - Malevolent Sorcerer and Sorceress Faces:
Don't miss out on these sinister cowls from a vengeful fairy!

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