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May Meme Shop

Alina | Friday, January 29, 2021

Meme (not May-May) Rares Shop

Earlier this year, we got a huge amount of love for the idea of a Meme Shop in AQWorlds, so... you asked for it,and here it is! Gear up to celebrate May, the month of mermaids, massive TV show finales, and now... Memes! Find the all-new Master of Memes armor set and other meme-tastic items in your Game Menu until June 7th.

Crafted by Noir and Darkon, two of the coolest artists to surf the internet, these items will make your friends (and your enemies) say WHUT. (Until the shop goes rare, and then they'll say... WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!)

Memes*... WHUT?

If you're reading this on the internet (and 99.99% of you are), then you're probably familiar with "internet memes." A meme is something -- usually a piece of media, and often funny or catchy --  that spreads rapidly across the internet. Memes spread becacuse they're a very effective way to spread ideas from person to person (think of them like an "idea virus").

This site has a great, easy to understand explanation. Why not makeuseof it?

Our homage to memes contains some of our artists (and your) favorite plays on popular concepts and ideas. 

The shop contains:

  • Master of Memes armor
  • Meme Ripper scythe
  • Meme Master hair and locks
  • WAT Flail
  • Omae wa mou shindeiru… Nani? cape
  • Shindeiru morph helms
  • Glaring glasses morph helms
  • Whut face morph helms
  • Pikadragon helm and pet
  • Pepecundus morph helm
  • Menacing Aura cape
  • ULTRA Overpowered Hair helm
  • Papa the ArchFiend morph helm
  • Papa the Sneevil morph helm
  • STOP watch mace
  • You Died! cape
  • Megalomaniac morph helm

*prounounced "meem" not "may-may"

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