May Twisted Golden Giftboxes

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May Twisted Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

May Twisted Golden Giftboxes:

  • Dragon Hide Armor is forged from the scales of a myriad of Dragons!  This armour normally provides great Earth resistance.  But when fighting  a Dragon, it will alter itself and become more resistant to that  Dragon's element!
  • Juvenile Void Dragons have lived in the Void since birth. Becoming  warped by the energies within, severing its elemental ties and leaving  it as a force of raw power.
  • Adorn the garb of the holiest of unholies, Carnafex.  These robes  grant you a power that hits an enemy with Fire or Ice, automatically  using the stronger of the two elements.
  • Xano was a great martial artist who fashioned this powerful gauntlet  to battle a necrofiend that killed his brother.  It allows you to  unleash powerful Melee attacks by using your SP!

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