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Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Intergalactic moglin mayhem continues this week

Login now and begin an all-new, out of this world adventure! Thanks to your help, several weeks ago, Memet the Scruffy-Looking Nightmare Herder survived a her encounter with intergalactic crime lord Zorba the Bakk. But she still owes him that gold, and now, she has another opportunity to pay him back... by taking out a few other scruffs that owe more. 

Head to /byrodax to begin your quests. 

  • Crack the code to break into Byro and Dax's logs
  • Battle mutated creatures and gather samples
  • Hunt down Byro and Dax and collect Zorba's bounty
  • Defeat Droids, Critters, and Treeants for Jets and Flots to spend in the Byrodax merge shop

Last Chance for May Featured Gear

We've got to make room for new gear coming in June, so if you haven't checked your Featured Gear Shop recently, now's the time! Leaving this Sunday night:

  • May the 4th seasonal gear
  • Cinco de Mayo seasonal gear
  • Mother's Day seasonal gear
  • Nolan the Holy Goldfish pet
  • Darkon's Debris rare items

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