Mogloween 2020 Rares

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Mogloween 2020 Rares

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Mogloween 2020 Rares Shop

Our Mogloween 2020 Event Rare gear is finally here! Find it in your game menu until November 27.

The shop features four new gear sets:

  • Enchanted Hypnotist set (color customizable, click the skirt to reveal a VERY creepy surprise)
  • Eldritch Hypnotist set
  • Enchanted Fancy Suit (for all you fans of spooky gear who want a bit more color)*
  • Re's Sporty Wear (female art only)
  • Bydis' Dress (female art only)
  • Loshe's Suit (Male art only)
  • Void Understaker of far0 bank pet

*An all-black, non-color custom version of this set is available in the Mogloween AC Shop in your game menu. Plus, find the Spooky Kid and Spooky Goth Outfit items in the Mogloween Seasonal Merge shop!

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