October Golden Giftboxes and Limited-Time Shop

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October Golden Giftboxes and Limited-Time Shop

Artix | Friday, June 26, 2020

Golden Giftboxes - Shattered Savage Werewolf and Predatory Vampire Armors:
Mogloween continues with a pair of sinister armors to get you dressed for the season! Sharpen your teeth as you wear the Shattered Predatory Vampire Armor and you'll be able to channel a Blood Fury for a damage boost at the cost of some HP. Perhaps the savagery of lycanthropy is more your style? Nothing to worry about as Shattered Savage Werewolf Armor includes powerful attacks which have a chance to be even stronger than normal. Also find the Spider Witch and Warlock player faces to help get you in the Mogloween spirit!

Limited-Time Shop:
AQ's 2 programmers, Kamui and In Media Res, level up in real life. So join us in wishing them a happy birthday and get ready to dunk on some mobs with the powerful Torontosaurus Rex Rider Armor! Or pick up your own Kamui player face! Also this month is AQ's 17th anniversary so we have added AQ's 17th Birthday Cupcake Misc, plus the Shattered Soul Drinker Blade and more.

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