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Alina | Saturday, November 3, 2018

Thank you for enabling us to make a $5,000 donation on your behalf to one of our fellow players who is battling brain cancer.

You want to help everyone.

Of course you do. Everytime you see someone hurting or someone who needs a hand up, you want to help. You want to fix it and make things right. But there are so many people in need out there... so many causes... it's overwhelming and you simply can't do everything for everyone. So, what do you do?

You do what you can.

MikaCosplay and her brother Robbie have been players of AE for a long time. She made a name for herself in the community for her skillfully-crafted Artix Entertainment-themed cosplays, her kindness, and upbeat attitude. On a recent visit to the Secret Underground Lab, she and her brother brought Cysero a hand-made birthday gift - a clock that says it's ALWAYS Ready-O-Clock. He hadn't announced his birthday. That's just the kind of people that they are.

In 2015, her brother Robbie was diagnosed with brain cancer. Robbie is as much of a fighter as his characters in our games, and his family isn't taking this lying down. He bravely suffered through several surgeries and round after round of chemotherapy, and it worked for a while. But Robbie's illness has returned again. The medical bills are over a million dollars at this point and the family's resources are simply tapped out. They need our help.

MikaCosplay and her brother Robbie are part of this gaming family and when one of us is in trouble, we all jump in.

Thanks to you (and frankly the extra income resulting from the Wheel of Doom), we were able to donate $5,000 on your behalf to Robbie's GoFundMe campaign. They could use your help getting the rest of the way to their goal.

The AE Team will be visiting Robbie at the Hospital next week before he goes in for his procedure.

What can you do? You do what you can.

GoFundMe page for Robbie, Mika, and their family

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