The 2023 Frostval Season Continues

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The 2023 Frostval Season Continues

Hollow | Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Frostval 2023 - Unexpected Help:

The call for help from the fabled Mage Tower leads heroes and Guardians to Frostvale, where the gift boxes are threatened by bandits. ...Wait, what? It's the other way around?

December 2023 Golden Giftboxes:

The final Golden Giftboxes of 2023 are proof that the ukulele is mightier than the sword. Suit up with the newest Bard of War Armor, along with various elemental variants, and become a source of inspiration for your companions on the battlefield! Additionally, unwrap new Lyrical Legend Faces to infuse your holiday season with musical cheer!

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