Thursday the 12th Rare Item Hunt

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Thursday the 12th Rare Item Hunt

Hollow | Friday, June 26, 2020

Thursday the 12th Rare Item Hunt:
Rare Item Hunts offer the chance to find some of the rarest loot in Lore! An item (could be weapon, shield, face, etc.) is hidden in a background somewhere in the world of AQ. These items are so well hidden and you will need to search for the right place to click in order to uncover the shop.

We have hidden a rare variant of the Giant Killer plus the Guardian-exclusive Pentamad Head. Don't miss out as these sinister items will only be available for a limited time! You will need to decipher the following clue to uncover the item location.

In the city of thieves you require great hunting skill,
To uncovered these items resting upon a quiet hill


Limited-Time Shop:
Make Thursday the 12th an unlucky day for your enemies and grab your own Broken Mirror Defender, Summon Mason's Remains Spell, or Mason Masks!

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