Umazen Uprising + Mother

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Umazen Uprising + Mother's Day

Hollow | Friday, January 29, 2021

Umazen Uprising Part 1 - The Umazen Stirs:
For many years, the mysterious and aggressive Umazen warriors have been the stuff of mystery across all of Lore. Although they have sparked tales of both heroism and oppression, little is actually known about these fierce women beyond their perpetual hunt for slavers and their vile trade. Even scholars are at a loss, as what few Umazen settlements were known have steadily disappeared over the generations. Now, after all of these years, it seems that their rumored last stronghold is facing a crisis that will soon spread beyond its borders!

Mother's Day:
Also make sure you stop by the Limited-Time Shop as we celebrate Mother's Day with tons of seasonal gear, including the Frosty Fairy Godmother Pet!

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