Void Bosses + Mother

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Void Bosses + Mother's Day

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

The Void - Takeover Bosses:
Throughout the years nearly 20 bosses have tried to conquer The Void, but failed thanks to your bravery! Now we are permanently adding every Void Takeover Boss, on a 7 day rotation, so you can return to battle the bosses of The Void anytime.  Better make room on the walls of your house to display all of those trophy paintings!

For this weeks boss challenge, Dark Madder's sends her apprentice from space to take over The Void. Fallen to a dark side of forces unknown - Starslayer and Dark Visor are powerful enough alone, but as a team they are nearly unstoppable!

Mother's Day:
Also make sure you stop by the Limited-Time Shop as we celebrate Mother's Day with tons of seasonal gear, including the new Umbral Fairy Godmother Pet!

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