Void Takeover + Contest Rewards

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Void Takeover + Contest Rewards

Hollow | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Void Takeover - Woolzard:
Grab your sword and shield as you prepare for battle in the Void against the mighty Woolzard! Don't be taken in by the fluffiness, this zard will make short work of any would-be hero with its Zardimax powers. You have a rare chance to battle a "shiny" Woolzard, unlocking different rewards! See if you can discover all the secrets to increasing your odds!

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Donation Contest Prizes:
Kibbles and his cousin Tibbles have returned home to the icy north, and contest rewards have been given out to all the generous players!

Check below to see if you are a winner!

Z-Token Donators List

  • Top 25: Sunscale Weapons
  • Top 50: Sunscale Shield
  • Top 100: Sunscale Circlet Faces
  • ALL Z-Token Donators: Balmung Weapon

Gold Donators List

  • Top 25: Chaoswrought Weapons
  • Top 50: Chaoswrought Shield
  • Top 100: Chaoswrought Faces
  • ALL Gold Donators: Fenrir Wolf Pet


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