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AQ 2020 Preview

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

Hello, Adventurers and Guardians!

Now that the first day of the month is well out of the way, we can poke our heads out of the Loco bunker with approximately 87% less risk of brick pie in the face — And it's safe to make a post to touch base with all of you and share some big news!

The AQ team is committed to providing quality entertainment for everyone staying home, or returning home after a rough day. Whether you're a long-standing fan, a bright-eyed new hero, or a returning player who is coming back to a Lore that has massively changed from what they remember, we've got something for you. So have a seat with us as we talk about our exciting plans for the year!


Void Dragon War!
Repelling the Void Dragon Queen was once quite the challenge, but driving her away was far from the end. Her numerous brood is now one of the many dangers constantly threatening to cross over into Lore, and the time has come to end that threat!

However, the border reaches of the Void carry the cruel winds of a dangerous change, twisting a simple hunt into a dangerous conundrum. The edge of a forgotten promise looms closer, a reckoning many years in the making that has only grown sharper and darker as time passed. Unlock deeper secrets of the Void to face a menace unforgotten, carving your mark deeper into the history of a proud people!


The Void Dragon Empress awaits...

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2020 Summer Event: Journey to Dragonlorn Keep!
The West has offered no small amount of mysteries and perils, as the Western Expanse paints the horizon with a history of conquest, treachery and clashing ideals. But as their borders have grown and clashed over the years, their zealous suspicion may have turned them into a wall through which the dangers beyond could not reach the eastern shores.

But when conflict grows predictable, intrigue takes its place, and the door may open to those who seek out the lost perils of the lands beyond... of the Far West.

The time has come for the denizens of Battleon to open their hearts and speak of a tragedy predating your rise as a hero, the Calamity that drove heroes and other friends to the lands that your adventures have helped shape for many years. 

Since the battle against the Exodus Titan, you have often asked about the fate of the Dragonlords, those paragons who formed powerful bonds with some of the most powerful beings in the world. Why were they not seen for years? What fate could make it more convenient to reach out to a hero from the past than seek them out in the present? 

...And why does nobody talk about them?

This summer, the answers will no longer wait for your friends to be ready to reveal them. As you and Warlic finally share the troubles of your past, the most painful of these lost secrets beckons you to find the answers yourself. Leaving the east in capable hands, you will set out to discover the fate of the heroes whose might inspired the hearts of entire kingdoms, and whose loss carved a life-long scar in their dreams.

Begin your journey to discover the shadowed remains of a glorious past. Beyond the warring kingdoms, to the Far West from where no one has come back alive. This year's summer event and Mastercraft set will take you on the search... for Dragonlorn Keep!


Paladin Class Overhaul - Artix Returns!
The long-awaited culmination of Artix von Krieger's soul-searching journey will also begin this summer, and it will soon be time to say "Greetings and salutations!" to a whole new generation of heroes! 

In a land still scarred by the bursting of the Leyline of Life and Death, humble new beginnings are a greater challenge than any grand organization. Join everyone's favorite Paladin as the founders of a new order that carries in its heart the seeds of a greater power and responsibility than ever before. 

To do good for its own sake and carry the light wherever it is needed. That is the torch your new order will bear. But to carry this light honestly and proudly, you must be willing to uphold it at all times. Whether it be old friends or older rivals that stand with you... or against you.

Be ready to face your heart and cast all doubt aside, for while your beginnings may be humble, the obstacles will be anything but. At Artix's side, you will have to face the past, present and future of the warriors of light.

Face the grief of those hurt by the war of extinction. Reach out to past members so that they don't go astray, and to strange allies that can help you bring old friends to rest. And secure a bright future, free of ancient grudges, by unraveling a conspiracy older than any enmity!

Here is some early concept designs of Kaley Obsidia from AE's insanely talented artist - Oishii!

new rpg game release adventure quest

Further Into 2020!
We hope that you're as excited as we are for our big plans for the year! However, because we completely forgot to build any brakes into this hype train, we can't stop dropping hints yet! Here are some of our plans for the rest of the year!


Harvest Festival!
Against all odds, Famine and the BURPs have reconciled. In sharing his cause with them rather than commanding them as minions, he has provided them with a purpose to rally behind... With BlackWhisker as his [i]willing[/i] lieutenant! But this alliance has a very clear gap. [i]Pestilence[/i]. The loss of power has not taken him out of the equation, but it has forced him to think outside the box. And when he makes his move, you may discover that even an army of giant rodents would pale as a threat compared to the creativity of a cornered god!


This time, the Cauldron sisters have had enough. Every single time they try to play nice, something goes wrong in the ways that [i]aren't[/i] fun. They couldn't even throw a banquet without first having to deal with a ridiculous conspiracy of Pumpkin Spies! This time they're not having any of it.


Prepare for fire burn and cauldron trouble, because when the signs of a foe once thought defeated cast a shadow over Lore's future... Well, they sure aren't waiting that long to deal with it.


The holiday is finally proceeding unimpeded, all thanks to your efforts! The Moglins can't contain their joy! However, before you can partake of the warm Frostval cheer, there is a sinister cold to be dealt with.


There are two faces to fear, as the Whispered Prophecy foretold. Deep within the vast universe painted by our dreams, the Nightmare Realm is divided by the border between Terror and Horror. These married lands are wrought from our deepest fears and most twisted thoughts. For many, their personal fears are but a small, wandering part of one of these ever-changing halves. But a warped obsession offers to take you through the dividing line, to a land of both Terror and Horror that refuses to fade away so easily. 


Dare you face a burden so vast that even Panic couldn't carry its weight?

You who are so accustomed to saving others... Can you save yourself?


Thank you!

Because of you we have been able to constantly build and expand our online world of Lore for over 16 years - so much of AdventureQuest is the direct result of your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Your ongoing support makes it all possible - thank you for being a part of this!

Battle On!
Your AQ Team


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